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Can you please text me anything at +971505582336 ?

I presume your phone is of US carrier if you live in Hawaii. Make sure to enter your number as 1XXXNNNNNNN where 1 is country code for USA, XXX is area code for Hawaii.

Some GSM providers are slow to deliver SMS messages some times. Upcoming feature of push messages might solve this: push messages will be sent parallel to SMS and at least one of them will reach client's phone.

Not sure 0 is port of the international format in Sweden.

Text me something at +971505582336 from your phone and I will reply back with your number in a correct format.

Thanks for the suggestion. New version will be all about push messages.


would you, please, privately send me your vietnamese number? I will ask my SMS provider to investigate why does it take so long to deliver messages there.

New version of the app will support Apple and Android push messages, stay tuned.  

Thanks, its nice to hear such feedback.
Thanks, its nice to hear such feedback.
Hi, you need to enter your full international number, which can not be as short as 7 or 8 digits. Server sends SMSes from UK, so it does need full numbers, otherwise messages will not reach you.
Contact your mobile operator to find out your international number.
Alternatively, you can SMS me at +971505582336 and I will reply back with your full number.