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I believe your number is +52 instead of zero.
i.e. Mexico city numbers are +52 55 NNNNNNNN

Just send a simple SMS message containing a single word STOP to +447624811140 if your number is from outside of North America.

No area codes, nothing, just the plus sign and the number above.

Write me at if that does not work for you.
TL;DR short answer: if it is in auto mode, then it will update coordinates.

Long answer: It sends new coordinates to server when distance travelled is beyond a threshold, which is different for different areas, depending how far are you from the nearest shore and how dangerous that shore is. On Thailand seashore threshold is 2km, mid-continent in Siberia it will be 500km. So once you will move more than N km from the point your coordinates were updated last, the app will automatically wakeup and send new coordinates to the server.
However, you always have an option to force the update. Just turn off auto mode, wait until the green button turns yellow and just press it. Let us know if it does not help

Well, in average, regular clients get their messages 22 minutes later than premium clients. However, it does differ region to region. 

That message was a test if SMS can go through to Verizon.
Records show that you are registered and everything is fine.

Can you, please, confirm you received the message?