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22 minutes is a critical amount of time.  If there were a localized earthquake near/in my location how soon would this service be able to transmit to me that a tsunami is generated (premium client)?


Was the SMS the actual number that will contact me?  Want to make a special alert for these messages.

Yes, I did receive an "SMS_TEST_SPOOLER_0" on Saturday.  Does this mean that my registration is confirmed?  How much of a benifit would it be to upgrade in Hawaii?  Response wise, what is the difference between this service and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center?  I know it will be invaluable when being in remote areas on my island.

Yes, it is with Verison.  And, I did enter my number 1XXXNNNNNNN as instructed.  I even deleted and tried again thinking it could have been entered wrong but, did not get a sms confirmation message on either try.