I haven't received a sms registration confirmation message.

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I haven't received a sms confirmation message even though I live in an tsunami prone area, Hawaii.  Does this mean that I will not receive any sms messages? 

I presume your phone is of US carrier if you live in Hawaii. Make sure to enter your number as 1XXXNNNNNNN where 1 is country code for USA, XXX is area code for Hawaii.

Yes, it is with Verison.  And, I did enter my number 1XXXNNNNNNN as instructed.  I even deleted and tried again thinking it could have been entered wrong but, did not get a sms confirmation message on either try.

Can you please text me anything at +971505582336 ?

Can you, please, confirm you received the message?

Yes, I did receive an "SMS_TEST_SPOOLER_0" on Saturday.  Does this mean that my registration is confirmed?  How much of a benifit would it be to upgrade in Hawaii?  Response wise, what is the difference between this service and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center?  I know it will be invaluable when being in remote areas on my island.

Well, in average, regular clients get their messages 22 minutes later than premium clients. However, it does differ region to region. 

That message was a test if SMS can go through to Verizon.
Records show that you are registered and everything is fine.

22 minutes is a critical amount of time.  If there were a localized earthquake near/in my location how soon would this service be able to transmit to me that a tsunami is generated (premium client)?


Was the SMS the actual number that will contact me?  Want to make a special alert for these messages.

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